Home Is Where the House Music Is

Photographer: Jerome Govender for Pexels

Warmth radiated every part of her being as her feet breezed across the floor.

That’s how it felt for me the first time I went to an underground show in the city. The music pumped through my veins, lifting my spirits. Strobe lights flashed across everyone’s smiling faces, illuminating the warehouse in bursts of vivid colors.

I felt fearless, beautiful, and unstoppable. The music flowed through my body, encouraging me to dance nonstop.

The lovely girl I went with has since become one of my best friends in the city. We bonded over our Southern roots, love for sushi, and passion for music. We danced our hearts out without a care in the world that night. Later we laughed as I told her why I’d briefly escaped to the bathroom at one point to pour out the free drink I’d been handed by an unfamiliar man. As flattering as it was, he’d seen me accept drinks all night from other men, men who had allowed me to watch the bartender in action.

When I came to the city, still healing from a confusing, messy heartbreak and a low sense of self-worth, I was in search of friendships, good music, and a fresh start. Luckily, I found all three that summer.

“Studies show that music that lies between 90 to 150 BPM produces greater feelings of happiness and joy as well as diminishing emotions associated with sadness….These effects on the cardiovascular and respiratory system explain how house music can generate feelings of excitement and happiness.”1Marissa Trimble 

It doesn’t surprise me that house music produces excitement and joy. Last summer, I spent many nights enveloped in its embrace until the sun rose, with new strangers that later became old friends.

Now, warmth radiates every part of my being as I smile and realize that it was the happiest summer of my entire life.

Source 1: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4971092/

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