I’d Rather Be Like Wanda

“The landscape of childhood shapes us as it shapes the characters in our stories.” -John Dufresne

At four years old, I sat in the bask of a TV’s glow, my opinion on love being formed as helpless Disney princesses flashed before me.

At ten years old, I ran across grassy fields with my neighborhood crew, a group of girls around my age. We pretended to be characters from Sailor Moon, and it was always my request that I be the one who needed saving.

I grew up thinking that this was what I wanted…to be saved, by a man.

Maybe if the Scarlet Witch had her own TV show or movie during my childhood, my thought process would have been shaped differently. She’s strong, and loved by a man who recognizes and cherishes her inner power. Sometimes he needs her to save him.

Life doesn’t owe me anything. I’m not promised happiness or success, nor love and friendship. I have to work for and maintain these things on my own.

A man can’t and shouldn’t have to save me. Nobody should. That responsibility is up to me.

Life is hard, and terrible things happen to us all, but I’m so tired of the victim mentality.

Goodbye, Disney princesses. So long, Sailor Moon. I’d rather be like Wanda.

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