For months, she lived in the dark, gazing at a full moon for clarity.

This is who you are now.

She told herself this was a normal, passionate affair.

You enjoy it.

Did the broken boundaries matter? Did the disassociation matter?

It is all you deserve.

The words “I’m sorry” were spoken across a phone line after it first happened. The word “love” was later whispered to her on the carpet of her floor.

It’s your fault.

Imagine manipulation and control and loneliness within a pandemic. Imagine being betrayed after expressing that desperate desire to experience something meaningful.

Pretend it didn’t happen.

She sought refugee in denial. She refused to accept that someone took advantage of her when all she had to offer was warmth and light. She hung her head and sobbed the day after. This was not supposed to be her life.

But this is who you are now.

If she was going to ignore the reality of what happened to her, a new narrative was necessary. He played along…for a bit. Until one day, her warmth and light was dimmed forever.

Is it too late?

The moon could never offer the clarity she needed because it lived in the darkness, covering up the scars she refused to acknowledge all this time.

How many others are also hurting?

The sun emerged, revealing the reality she’d ignored for too long. Scars and marks covered her entire being. Her body was punctured all over. Her heart wounded.

You have been bleeding out when you should have been healed by now.

But now her mind was as clear as daybreak.

It was never in your head.

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