Took Myself Out To The Ball Game

My first Yankees game since moving to Manhattan!

I didn’t have peanuts or crackerjacks, but you can bet I was rooting for the home team on this special date with myself!

I’m thanking my lucky stars that the rain did not pour on this Memorial Day Yankees game like it did the rest of the long weekend in the city! The game started around 1 p.m. at warm temperatures nearing 70, but the day quickly got chilly within two hours. I neglected to bring my light jacket, but at least I was wise enough to wear jeans instead of shorts.

This is the part where someone reading this chuckles to themselves and says, “That’s what dating yourself will get! If you’d had a plus one, he would have let you wear his jacket or at least put his arm around you.”

To that, I will reply with…

I am on a serious path to self-discovery. Who cares if I forgot my jacket and my lips turned white as chill bumps formed on my skin?! Those are small prices you pay when dating yourself, people. I need to learn to take care of myself and not rely on others.

Despite the crisp weather, I had a fantastic time at my first Yankees game. The stadium wasn’t fully packed like its glory days before the pandemic, but the crowd was much larger than I had anticipated. Clearly, everyone is itching to get outside and enjoy life again.

I’ve cheered on a lot of home team baseball games before, like the Atlanta Braves at Turner Field, the St. Louis Cardinals at Busch Stadium, and the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Stadium, but there was just something so exceptional about the New York Yankees’ fan base. They were loud and blunt, but still so proud of the Yankees. Maybe it’s especially that way because everyone is so excited that baseball has returned to a world where we finally have a vaccine for COVID!

And even though the New York Yankees lost to the Tampa Bay Rays (3-1), I’m already eager to watch them play again! I’ll be sure to bring my jacket next time. And an umbrella. And a blanket. You just never know what kind of weather to expect in the city, right?!

Outfit of the Date

Not the exact same shirt, but mine is discontinued.
Unfortunately, these are sold out, but Kate Spade always has the cutest studs!

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