Shining Bright Beneath City Lights

The following blog post is a sequel to Lies As Thin As Lace.

In plain sight for all to see was where she kept her hopes and dreams.

In the end of it all, when the fragments of her world had been repainted in bursts of vivid color never before experienced, she couldn’t help but smile. Dull voices hummed in the background until eventually replaced by silence.

Onlookers were whispering and judging as they always did, but she no longer noticed. She no longer cared.

Then, one very special day, the silence was replaced by cars honking and crowds of people chattering.

Breezing over sidewalks she’d once adored from her childhood TV screen, she arrived at the doors of a grand building she’d once only read about in books.

Click. Clack. Click.

Warmth radiated every part of her being as her heels clicked and clacked across the floor.

She finally felt free.

Somewhere along the way, she began to enjoy being alone. Retiring the self-loathing rituals that had once picked her apart, she pieced herself back together. She was worthy and strong and she could fight for herself.

The box of lace had been sold. The images of the girl who wore it had been burned to ash.

This girl is pursuing her passions, hopes, and dreams. She is pursuing self-love.

This girl is shining bright beneath city lights.

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