This year, I’m going to be f e a r l e s s.

I want to be selfish and live my life for me, something I have not been doing for most of my twenties. Pushing aside my natural people-pleasing tendencies, I want to ignore the voices in my head that fill me with concern of everyone’s opinion but my own, and I want to explore my deepest desires and chase my beloved dreams.

The dread of time and aging cannot stop me this year. The fear of failing cannot keep me from bettering myself.

No longer will I chase a man. No longer will he be my c r u t c h.

Never again will I watch others succeed and wonder when my day will come. I have reached success already, and my days will keep coming if I believe in myself.

I believe in myself.

No longer will I wish I could go back in time.

Farewell to 2020. Warmest welcomes to 2021.

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