Do You?

I sat on the floor of my shower the other day. Water drops seeped through my hair, kissed my shoulders, and slid down my back. I pretended that instead of water, they were my feelings for you as they dissipated into the drain.

Do you ever think about the pain you caused me with your reckless actions?

I hung my head as tears made their escape down my cheeks, mingling with the water. I pretended that instead of tears, they were my desires to be more to you than just a momentary sensation.

Do you ever think about me at all?

One day I will look back and shake my head at the foolish girl sitting naked on the floor of her shower, her only companion the water, the tears, and the jagged beating of her broken heart.

Do you think about anyone other than yourself?

You’re selfish and you’re cold. You look at me with such contempt, it shakes me to my core. I can’t understand it when I’ve only ever been compassionate towards you.

Do you hate me?

No, you’d have to care about me to hate me. My shoulders trembled and my breathing became rough as I mulled this over.

Do you know how to care?

Lifting my shaking palms, I pressed them to my cheeks and closed my eyes, trying to forget the way you stared at me in the dark with eyes of lust.

Do you even know what kindness is?

I tried to forget how it felt to kiss you. My mouth dropped open but no sounds came out.

Do you even know anything about the girl you broke aside from what you touched?

With my pruny fingers, I gripped the sides of the tub and decided it was time to stand up…but I remained seated.

Do you?

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